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Most of our cell phones are for domestic use only, and when we travel and use our phone it can cost us a fortune. Example, a few years ago our son went on a trip with us to the Caribbean and we did not realize he was using his phone. Well you can imagine our shock when we received our phone bill and it was over $300 more than we usually pay.

Depending on where you go the rates vary and this company offers a solution to cut down on the cost of using your own phone. If you only travel once a year the best option is to use their phone rental program. If you make multiple trips a year, especially to the same location, getting a sim card to switch out with your card in your own phone may be the solution. Either way, please check out this website to see if this works for you, if unsure  give them a call just remember to let them know you found them at Fun2Go Travel LLC. (51801)   CLICK HERE