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Travel Insurance

Why purchase it?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-airport-crisis-departure-table-delayed-canceled-image26590293Although travel protection is optional it is highly recommended. The following description is the basic coverage for most plans. Each plan should be considered and compared before making the choice that is best for you and your trip needs. Additional coverage and plan variances are explained further also.

Prior to your trip departure the investment you have made for your trip is protected if you have to cancel for a covered reason within the policy. A covered reason may be for medical while under doctor’s care, an accident or death in the family, to name a few.

While Traveling

Most plans cover Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Delayed Luggage, Lost Luggage & Personal Property, medical and Emergency Evacuations. A very good feature about these plans is the 24/7 travel assistance hot lines offered, this means you will be talking to a real person no matter where you are in the world in the event you need assistance.

Cancel For Any Reason

This is coverage prior to your trip departure date and varies by company, some will make full restitution, others who offer this additional coverage and will return a portion of your cost based on how close to your travel date you cancel. When it comes to this type of coverage it can be expensive, the reasons for this type of coverage are based on individual needs. Please contact us for specifics.

Additional Covered items

It is important to purchase your policy within 14 days of your initial deposit/payment of your trip to receive additional coverage on items that are not valid if you wait. The primary one that most plans have if paid within 14 days is the inclusion of the preexisting medical condition waiver. What does this mean? If you or another family member has a preexisting medical condition and you have to cancel your trip because of it you would not be covered. The waiver excludes this and if this is the reason you have to cancel then it would be covered. NOTE: Emotional/mental conditions are NOT covered under any plans; this would not be considered a preexisting condition either.

Plan Variances

Each plan or company may cover items that may be important to you that are not covered by another company or plan. Examples of this are additional rental car coverage, work related reasons for cancellation, non medical emergency evacuations to name a few.

It is our goal to keep up on the latest offerings of various companies, please call us with your needs and questions you may have to recommend the plan that would best fit your needs.  Here are a few Companies we recommend:


Travel Guard is probably one of the best known travel plan companies, they offer a wide variety of plans to select from. The Gold plan offers Family Coverage: At no additional charge, the plan covers all children age 17 and under who are traveling with and related to the primary adult named on the enrollment form. Offer does not apply to optional coverages. For your plan to include “kids at no additional cost,” the child’s trip cost must be equal to or less than the adult traveler(s) trip cost, this is a nice cost saving feature. On the occasions when clients needed to submit a claim it was handled professionally.  To get a quote watch for the “Get A Quote” button on the picture and click.


MH Ross is one of many travel protection companies that are available to you. Our experience with this company has been positive in every way, the service to our clients has been outstanding. On the occasions when clients needed assistance whileMHRoss traveling or submitting a claim when needed has been handled quickly and professionally. Please click here for rates and coverage under the MH Ross Plans available.