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Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons, not just the idea of having your wedding on the beach, next to a waterfall or in a tropical setting but financially it can be less costly for the bride and groom and your guests will get a much needed vacation.

There are different types of Destination Weddings and depending on what your needs are, will determine if you will have a legal, religious or renewal of vows wedding.

When you use our services an initial telephone interview will be set up to ask pertinent questions to help you decide if a Destination Wedding is right for you. Once you decide to have your Destination Wedding our agency will provide the following and more:

  • Information and or suggestions about locations to consider for your destination wedding.
  • Requirements for a legal wedding for the island, country or cruise line you select.
  • Confirmation of the wedding date and time.
  • Recommendation of a qualified on-site wedding coordinator.
  • Travel arrangements for you and your guests
  • Open communication with you and your guest.

We are here to help make your Destination Wedding as stress free as possible, contact us to set up an appointment for the initial telephone interview by calling 480-922-5347 or sending an e-mail to Colette, our Destination Wedding Specialist Colette@fun2gotravel.com.